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These terms and conditions will be binding on both parties, when the customer has paid the reservation fee to the landlord or when he or she has paid both the reservation fee and the final payment at the same time.


Clients can make an apartment booking via the Internet, e-mail or telephone. The customer will receive a booking confirmation, which includes:

- The resort owner's name and address

- Directions to the cottage as well as instructions for access to the keys.

- Bank transfer forms both for payment of the reservation fee and for the final payment.

- Rental terms and conditions

The booking is confirmed, when the customer has paid the retainer (40% of the total hire charge of the cottage) by the due date or when the customer has paid both the reservation fee and the final payment by the due date.


The advance payment shall be made by the due date. The final payment is to be paid by the due date of the invoice or no later than four (4) weeks before the start of the holiday booked. If a booking is made less than four (4) weeks prior to the start of the holiday, the payment in advance will not be charged separately, but the total rental amount is to be paid by the due date.

All the notices concerning the invoice must be made within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice.


A cancellation must be made ​​in writing (on the website, by a letter or by an e-mail). The cancellation is effective only when the person caring of bookings has received it. If the customer can prove that the cancellation is made and sent to the correct address in time, the cancellation is accepted, even if it is delayed or not delivered at all.

In case of cancelation the reservation fee will be charged. If the cancellation occurs less than 21 days before the start of the holiday the total cost will be charged. If the accommodation can be rented to another client, who pays the corresponding amount, the reservation fee will be charged.

If a customer himself or a person living with him or her in the same household, becomes ill, has an accident or dies, the customer has the right to be refunded by the sum paid, except for the payment in advance. The withdrawal shall be notified immediately to the person taking care of bookings and the matter is to be proved in a reliable way, e.g. by a medical certificate.

 The cancellations made during the holiday are not accepted and will not be refunded.

 The owner or the broker of the cottage may cancel the reservation due to force majeure. The customer is   then entitled to receive the amount paid back in full.

If the customer changes the reservation, the changes are handled as in the past dealt with the cancellation and a new booking.

If the pre-financing or the final payment is not paid by the client by the due date, the cottage owner or the broker has the right to cancel the booking.


The cabin keys are handed over to the customer at the location notified or agreed separately at the agreed time. For a week reservation the cottage is available to the customer from the arrival day:  at 16.00 to the day of departure: at 12.00. For a weekend reservation the cottage is available from Friday afternoon at 16.00 to Sunday afternoon at 16.00.

Unless otherwise agreed, the customer brings their own bed linen and towels. The customer is responsible for cleaning during and at the end of the holiday period unless otherwise agreed. If the owner of the cottage has to clean the cottage, he has the right to charge a final cleaning fee according to the price list (minimum 95 €).

During the rental period the owner will be responsible for clearing snow on the access routes concerned. The lodger is responsible for cleaning of porches, steps, patios and paths, and he or she uses them at his or her own risk.

Due to a potential verifiable electric power failure caused by a natural phenomena  or arising from a third party (the electric company) the landlord or the lessee shall not be liable for refund (e.g. due to inhibition of final cleaning).

The cottage and its territory may be used for the number of persons based on the booking. Tenting, camping and other supplementary accommodation in the area of the cottage is prohibited. Open fire in the cottage area and during the forest fire warning is prohibited.

The tenant is obliged to pay for any damage caused to the cottage and its contents directly to the owner.

Smoking inside the holiday apartment is prohibited.

Taking pets indoors the cottage is prohibited. Specify your pets when booking if they are coming and there, even if they are outside. Correct the pet's droppings from the yard environment.


Comments and complaints must be notified without delay during your stay directly to the owner. Primarily, the contract disputes are designed to be solved through negotiations. Should the cause of the dispute be not resolved, the customer may make a written complaint within one (1) week from the end of the booking period. If the vendor and the client cannot reach agreement, the customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Complaints Board. The agreement is subject to Finnish law, and disputes shall be subject to the District Court. We reserve the right to change prices.